May 25, 2008

Hương thầm

Filed under: Mê thơ — Lâm Ngọc Linh @ 6:17 am


By Phan Thi Thanh Nhan


The windows of the two houses at the end of the street
Always stayed open for no reason.
Two old friends who used to be classmates.
A grapefruit tree behind one house floats its scent to the other.

She hid a bunch of flowers in her handkerchief
And hesitantly, crossed to her neighbor’s house.
Someone there would leave the next day for the front.

In silence they sat, lost for words.
Their eyes met, then turned a way.
Who could dare say the first words?
The scent of grapefruit blossoms made them more shy.
The young man didn’t dare ask for the blossoms;
The young girl didn’t dare give them,
But the warm and refined fragrance
Could not hide itself…
And floated faintly by.

Like the blossoms, the young girl was silent.
She let their fragrance speak for her love:
How distant you seem; you still don’t know.
Don’t see I come to you?
The fragrance will fill your chest.
When you leave
The fragrance will follow you, everywhere.

Leaving each other
They still didn’t speak,
Yet the fragrance sweetens the young man’s journey.


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